Just a week after Lainey was born we took some newborn pictures.  Our favorite family photographer was able to take the pictures for us.  We always love her photos, and the pictures of Lainey were no exception.  Here are some of my favorites!



The Fillmores are back!  I have decided that since it has been about a year and a half since I last posted, and because a TON has happened since the last time I posted I thought I would do a year in review post.

I will start out with the first event.  Technically this happened in 2011, but I never posted about it, so I thought I would; I graduated from BYU with a degree in Exercise Science.  In addition to this, I started working at Orriant, a company that provides corporate wellness programs.

Justin hates this picture, but I thought I would use it anyways...sorry!
This year has been a busy one for Justin.  He interned at Intermountain Financial Group, and got his license in life and health insurance.  He transferred from BYU to UVU and is finishing up his degree in Finance.  And he recently started a position in surgical sales for Simmons Surgical.

We spent some time in St. George/Las Vegas with some great friends!

We went to Hawaii with the family.

We took our annual trip to St. George for Labor Day.  This year we went to Aladdin at the Tuacahn, it was really great!

Justin and I were released from the Primary and put into the Young Men and Young Women's organizations.

And last, but not least, this happened....

This was the night I went to the hospital.  39 weeks and 1 day.
Welcome to the world Lainey Jean!

This little peanut was 8 lbs, 21 in, and was born at 12:04 am on Dec 16, 2012

We are so excited to have Lainey in our lives and look forward to the new year with her!


Saint George

Every year for labor day we go with my family to Saint George.  We always have a fun time.  We never do much, but we always relish the relaxing, long weekend.  On Friday night we went to the Tuacahn and watched the Little Mermaid.  They did such an amazing job with the set and the costumes.  It was so neat!  Justin and I love going to the shows there. 

Another highlight of our weekend was going on a couple of hikes at Zions.  Zions is so pretty, but there are way too many international people there.  My word!  I did not know national parks were a huge draw for tourists, but apparently they are.  LAME!  Luckily we still had a good time.

Tylie bug kept doing this to Shannon, it was way cute
Justin and Alex decided they needed a better view.  Justin said he was allowed to be up there because he is a Junior Park Ranger and all...

 Other than those two things we didn't do much.  The boys watched some football, the girls went shopping, we all went bike riding, played at the park and ate some good food.  Overall, it was a really great weekend. 

Happy Birthday J5K

I know this is extremely late, but I figured I needed to give at least a little shout out to my main man on his 24th birthday (and in my defense we technically didn't celebrate his birthday until a couple of weeks ago).  I can't believe when I first started dating Justin he was the tender age of 21.  It's crazy how quickly these past few years have gone.  Since Justin is getting older, I decided it would be a good idea to do something physically taxing for his birthday.  Since our prime years are quickly slipping away and all, I figured doing a ropes course would be appropriate.  We had a great time, and were quite exhausted after the fact.


This was me trying to do the same thing.  Lets just say my end result wasn't quite the same as Justin's.

The ropes course also had a zip line, rock climbing, a giant swing, canoeing, some tight rope walking, and some really fun group activities.  We had an absolutely wonderful time!

Happy Birthday Justin!


A Year Already?

 So I know this post is a wee bit late; a month and an hour too late to be exact, but I couldn't let it pass by without a little shout out at least.  A year, and a month ago Justin and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Rexburg Idaho Temple.  It was so amazing!  Our sealing room was filled with the faces of many family and friends.  We we felt so blessed having so many WONDERFUL people there sharing our day with us.  Events like that really help you to realize how many people truly love and care for you.

I just want to bring special attention to my Nanny, she is right to the left of the middle.  Her face is possibly the best thing I have seen all day.   

It is often said that your wedding day will be, perhaps, the best day of your life.  Now I do not attest the fact that my wedding day was wonderful, but I definitely do not agree that it is and will be the best day of my life.  Since that day I have had about...hmm...I'm not quite sure, but I know it is a lot, best days of my life.  Justin has made the past year of my life, actually past two years, but since we're talking about our wedding anniversary I will say past year, of my life so amazingly great.  At this point in my post I would like to give big ups to my husband by showing you all our cute anniversary dinner, done entirely by Justin.   

Basically, what I have been trying to say is, the past year with Justin has been great.  I couldn't have asked for a better husband!

I love you my dear!


Flordia Time!

About a month ago Justin and I went to Florida with some great friends (Callie and Grant).  We all had been talking about going to Florida for over a year and decided that the graduation of three of the four of us was a good enough excuse to go.  So, the last week of April, we packed up and went.  Such a good choice!  It was pure bliss.  Our week consisted of:

1.  Making awesome sandcastles.    

2.  Digging two gigantic holes in the sand.  I'm still not sure why the boys decided to do this.  It took them all day, and served absolutely no purpose.  Such a strange thing to spend time on. 

3.  Trying to find my husband in the ocean.  Seriously the most terrifying thing!  Justin and Grant thought it would be a good idea to swim about a million miles away from the beach and body surf in.  I could not see them the majority of the time.  It was kind of a nerve wracking thing.  I always thought I would be a "cool mom," you know the type of mom that lets her kids do adventurous things and have fun toys like dirt bikes and stuff, ya that won't be me.  My kids will have to live in a bubble or something.  If I get nervous when my husband, who is practically a grown man, body surfs, I will not be able to stand the anxiety that most activities cause parents.  Sorry kids!  

4.  Enjoying Universal Studios, mainly Harry Potter World.  Seriously, one of my most favorite places.  We all had so much fun riding rides, watching shows, drinking butter beer, and acting like children.  I am convinced that Universal Studios, not Disney World, is the happiest place on earth!  

5.  Playing speed scrabble and learning about the history of Melbourne Beach with our wonderful hosts, (Grant and Callie's grandparents) the Miskins.

6.  And last but not least, enjoying a wonderful, relaxing week with great friends!